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Now a fashion icon too, Celine opens up about new found love

Must See 08/08/2018

Celine Dion has recently opened up about turning 50, and why she has turned to the fashion industry. Dion struggled through 2016, after her husband of 22 years, and manager of 33, René Angélil, died after a long battle with cancer. If this wasn't hard enough for her, she lost again only two days later, when her brother died of the same illness. Celine was extremely brave-faced during this time, and just four months after their deaths she accepted the ICON lifetime achievement award.\

As a result of their deaths, Celine turned to the fashion industry as a coping mechanism. 

Fashion is fun. Fashion is fantasy,” she says. “It can often provide the escape that we need to take our minds off our daily problems, even if only for a short but necessary time.

Celine believes that fashion influences her feelings from day to day. What she appreciated about fashion, was that if she were having a down day, a fancy outfit would lift her mood significantly, with bright colours or a spectacular pair of heels!

Soon after Celine's new found love for fashion, she met famous stylist Law Roach, who is credited as an "image architect". Celine's three sons - René-Charles, 17; and twins Eddy and Nelson, seven, made her aware of Law Roach's work after admiring his styling on actress Zendaya. The pair started experimenting at Paris Couture Week, and these included a bold yellow Balenciaga Dress, and pieces from the 'It' label, Off-White. 

When we started her collaboration,” says Law, “it was apparent she wanted to do something new – something just fashion forward.

Since 2016, we have seen Celine front row at fashion weeks worldwide. When the newly 50-year-old was asked about her recently found fashion icon status, 

I thought after turning 30 or 40 if it’s not happening with me and fashion, it’s never going to happen. Well, guess what? It’s happening! It’s never too late to feel good about yourself, never too late to be presented as a best-dressed woman.

She has impressed fashion partner Law significantly, and he had no idea the potential that she had in the fashion world. Even though she is so well known for her voice, Law is impressed of her the impact she is making in the fashion world. 

“Céline has no fear. And when you have that type of energy, you have this attitude that we can do whatever we want and we don’t care who likes it or dislikes it. Fashion is supposed to be polarising. It has to be overwhelming."