New edible straws, perfect for your G&T

Must See 20/08/2018

After your favourite alcohol companies releasing new trends of pink gin and anti-ageing alcohol, they have followed up with a new must-have item, but this time it isn't new alcohol. In an effort to come up for an alternative to plastic straws, a company called Diageo, the creators of Schweppes and Gordons, have created new edible straws. 

These have been made as a perfect pairing for your alcoholic beverage, with plenty of bonuses, acting as tasty post drink snack, as well as the elimination of excess plastic waste. 

Recently we have seen celebrities ditching the plastic straw and changing to reusable metal straws. After the plastic bag ban, we bet you've started to think of other ways to eliminate single-use plastic in your house. 

Diageo has come up with a much better alternative to metal. These edible straws are going to help the issue of the millions of plastic straws thrown out. A staggering figure has claimed that 150 million tonnes of plastic straws have ended up in our oceans. 

Available in a range of flavours we are very excited to try these straws! Some of the flavours so far include strawberry, chocolate, lemon and lime. Gordons suggest using their lemon-straw in your next Gin and Tonic to enhance the drink. They don't only taste, but they also look great in pictures.

Unfortunately, you can only buy these straws on the website, which at this stage only ships within the UK. We think due to their current success over in Britain they will be in NZ in no time, mainly due to their environmental benefits. If you can't wait for these to land on our shores, you're going to need to get in touch with a friend in the UK to send them over.