How Jacinda is adjusting to life with new baby Neve

Must See 22/08/2018

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed she's not sleeping in the same bed as her partner Clarke Gayford while the couple adjust to life with a newborn.

Baby Neve was born in June and Ms Ardern has recently returned to work as Prime Minister, with Mr Gayford taking the role of stay at home parent.

Ms Ardern told The AM Show he's taken to looking after Neve with "real prowess" and has gone so far as to sleep closer to the baby.

"He's actually very kindly [taken] to sleeping closer to the baby," she said.

Host Duncan Garner jokingly asked if it had come to sleeping in separate bedrooms already and Ms Ardern said "yes".

"We split shift, I do early mornings and he does late nights," she said.

Ms Ardern said she was a good sleeper even through all the interruptions from the baby, but sometimes there were lapses.

"Yeah I am [a good sleeper], I say that though [but] I was awake at 3am, listening," she said.