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Elle Macpherson reveals her secrets to looking fantastic at 50

Must See 21/08/2018

Australian model Elle Macpherson, who turned 54 in March, is a mother of two and has just appeared on the cover of New Beauty. She explores her battle with her body after 50 and how her diet and exercise plan has changed since. She also touches on how she combats sun damage and the benefits of the sea.

In her interview, Macpherson opens up about how when she reached 50 she started to notice weight gain on her waist and hips, dehydrated skin, legs becoming heavy and the significant increase in fatigue. She admits she lives a busy life and couldn't give her body enough sleep or gain enough energy to keep feeling great. So she sought out help from a London based nutritionist Simoné Laubsche.

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Before turning 50 in 2014 Elle lived a hectic yet healthy life, but she found at this stage in her life, the diet which had served her well for years previous was no longer working. She was then advised to change to a strictly plant-based alkaline diet with the assistance of supplements, by her new nutritionist. This was when Elle founded her company, WelleCo. WelleCo has taken off quickly and specialises in Super Elixir products complete with 45 plant-based ingredients.

What I’d always thought were sunspots—actually, they were sugar spots— started to clear, and my skin looked tighter, dewier and plumper,

Elle was surprised in just two weeks she started to see differences she wasn't expecting in her body. She began to feel energy she felt in her 20's again. 

I started to lose weight, probably because my sugar cravings had subsided. My digestion improved. I felt more emotionally balanced.

While she mainly eats grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and almond and hemp milk. Elle is not afraid to add poached eggs or goats cheese to her diet on occasion. 

The famous model also swears by a lifestyle change of guided meditation or Reiki. Which she does during the morning for 10-20 minutes which she then follows with a class of hot water and lemon mixed with cayenne, ginger or stevia then a large glass of water with her Super Elixir.

Macpherson explains about her exercise routine; she has tried all of the high-intensity workout options like boxing. However, she prefers lower impact exercise.  “Vinyasa yoga or power yoga,” is what she swears by but will also go paddle boarding, go for a swim, or take the dogs for a walk for her wellbeing. 

Concerning her sun damage, while she loves to lie in the sun for 20 minutes on the morning and 10 in the afternoon for her immune system, which is boosted by the sun. She wishes she had worn more sunscreen as a child and protected her skin. Even though she lays in the sun now, she realises that the damage was done in her younger years.