Anika Moa shares her exciting baby news

Must See 31/08/2018

Anika Moa and her partner Natasha Utting have taken to Instagram to share the news that they're expecting a baby in March next year.

The couple announced the pregnancy with a tongue-in-cheek photo shoot inspired by The Handmaid's Tale.

"Blessed day! We are joyous to announce that we are expecting a child," she wrote.

The image shows Moa with a hand placed on her own stomach, dressed in a red costume with her partner standing behind her.

"OfNatasha is carrying the precious fruit," she added, referring to herself as Utting's wife in Handmaid's Tale lingo.

The new baby will be a sibling for the couple's three children - their first child together, Soren, and twins Barry and Taane from Moa's previous marriage.

Moa and former Campbell Live journalist Utting married last year, at a wedding overlooking Bethells Beach in Auckland.