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A modern twist to be put on much loved series 'Bewitched'

Must See 24/08/2018

ABC has been trying to get a Bewitched reboot for years now, but they have finally had success. After trying in 2011 but never getting past the pilot, a reboot has finally been signed off, three decades in the making. This will be Kenya Barris's last project before he leaves ABC for Netflix. 

Bewitched was one of the most recognised shows of the 60's and spanned from 1964 to 1972 on ABC. Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, a witch who falls in love with a male called Darrin Stephens. 

This show drew parallels between mixed marriages after the end of the Civil Rights Movement. But they never actually mentioned this much and more focused on having a magical wife. 

However, Barris is going to focus on this and cast an interracial couple as well as focusing on the magic. Samantha will be a hardworking black single mom who happens to be a witch. She will then marry Darren, a white mortal who is a bit of a slack husband. 

Barris has secured a pilot for his new spin on Bewitched and if ABC like it a full season will be released between 2020-2021. 

So hang tight we could be seeing a full new season the next couple of years!