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World First in NZ- Paid leave for victims of domestic abuse

Must See 27/07/2018

Our little country has made another groundbreaking first in parliament. Around the world domestic abuse occurs no matter the person's circumstance. 

On the 26th of July, however, the New Zealand government passed a new law which entitled workers paid leave to who were suffering abuse from their partners at home, as a time to escape their abusers. 

The new law which passed 63-57 will become effective next year in April. This legislation means that anyone who is in an abusive relationship at home can request their employers to give them as many as ten days of paid leave. 

The theory is they will be able to use this time to escape the situation but still provided an income to support themselves. This new law has taken two years to pass, it was introduced by Green Party MP Jan Logie and will be known as the Violence Victims Protection Bill. 

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The argument against this bill is that small business will lose profit and will come at a cost to our economy. Jan Logie stood up and parliament and argued that domestic abuse would affect the workforce due to the suffering employees. 

All too often, victims have to leave their jobs because of this, and it makes them more reliant on their abusive partner and means their employer has to recruit and train up new staff," Logie said. "It's a lose-lose situation.

Sadly New Zealand has the highest rate of domestic abuse in the world with an average of 105,000 family violence call-outs during 2016, and it is only rising.