The weeds in your garden might not all be that bad

Must See 13/07/2018


You might soon be looking at the weeds in your garden a different way.

Georgina Landale of Hawkes Bay spends a lot of her time picking out what we consider a nuesence to use for something great.

Founder of Archeus, Langdale creates skincare, perfumes and elixirs all from commonly found household weeds.

"You call them weeds; I call them a powerful healer."

"Plantain, which people often know as a grazing crop for livestock, [is] fantastic for taking the sting out of beestings and healing wounds," she said.

Langdale has been nominated for international awards for her products, which she says can help with menopause, illness, and healing after medical treatment. 

"My husband is a really good guinea pig; when he has an accident I run after him with a leaf."

The brand is based in Hawkes Bay and creates skincare, textiles, yoga mats and workshops focussed on using nature to it's full potential.

She said people often don't realise they're standing on "nature's first aid kit".

You can find more about Archeus here.