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The heartwarming story of 3-year-old cancer survivor

Must See 04/07/2018

It can sometimes be effortless to forget about all the good things happening in this world if you're going through a dark time. But something which will bring you to tears is this recent story of a three-year-old cancer survivor. 

Little Skye Savren-McCormick has recently been a flower girl for Hayden Hatfield Ryals, her bone marrow donor. 

Skye was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia when she was just under one. The doctors presumed the worse and informed her parents she had a 10% chance of survival, and that she would need bone marrow transplant immediately.

There is where we meet Hayden, who volunteered as a donor when she was in college, never really expecting anything to come from it. She did a simple cheek swab to test if she was a match, 

I thought there’s like a one in a gazillion chance that I would ever be a match

But luckily for Skye's family, she was indeed a match. Hayden didn't hesitate and donated as soon as she could. After she had done this, she sent an anonymous letter to the family wishing them luck, since all donations are anonymous. This relationship then developed, and the family and Hayden kept in regular contact throughout Skye's treatment. 

Then for Skyes third birthday, Hayden invited her to her wedding to be a flower girl, despite the pair never meeting. They met for the first time at the wedding rehearsal, and Skye's mother told CNN,

She [Hayden] came in and immediately came over to Skye and dropped to her knees. Skye gave her a big hug. The whole night they were sitting together. It was so sweet. It was like they were in love

And the wedding photographer confirmed that there was not a dry eye in the room as Skye walked down the aisle, scattering flowers. 

The best part of this story? Little Skye is in remission.