Newshub: Kiwi Fresh- My Food Bag

New option from My Food Bag to spice up your meals

Must See 25/07/2018

The decision of what to have for dinner just got a whole lot easier- and cheaper, thanks to My Food Bag.

The meal-delivery company has just announced their new services; Kiwi Fresh perfect for busy couples and smaller families.

Kiwi Fresh’s meals are described as a mix of 'street eats'-inspired cuisine and classic Kiwi recipes; with a twist.

The boxes provide options of fresh bowl or laneway style dinners for three nights of the week, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy meals out or busy couples who don’t have time to cook some nights of the week.

"With fewer ingredients, simple preparation and easy-on-the-pocket prices, we see Kiwi Fresh appealing to those who want something delicious on the dinner table, but don't have the time to think too hard about it," CEO Kevin Bowler said in a statement.

With natural, café-style flavours, the simple recipes are accessed through the Kiwi Fresh website.

The service plans to expand to all regions, starting off in Auckland, positioning discount codes throughout out the city.

A box for two people is priced at $59.99 for three meals, while three meals for four people will cost $79.99, plus $10 delivery. 

Deliveries start from Monday, August 6. The Kiwi Fresh website will be open for orders from Wednesday, July 25.