JN Crazy

National Geographic pictures given an artist’s adorable twist

Must See 09/07/2018

National Geographic never seems to fail in providing breath-taking photos of nature.

The organisation often posts animals caught off-guard in their natural habitat out in the world we don’t see every day.  

Now, a Shanghai-based artist and illustrator JN Crazy has taken some of the best pictures and captured their essence in a new way- that we think are adorable!

The artist typically known for his fantasy re-creations even provides the step by step of the digital illustrating process, and adding his own twist.

Each picture starts as an image featured by National Geographic and ends up looking like an illustration straight out of the next Pixar film.

Credit: JN Crazy

Jn artist impression of National Geographic image of tigers
JN Crazy
JN Crazy artist impression of National Geographic picture of crocodile and frog
JN Crazy