Massive unshorn sheep dubbed Aussie version of NZ's Shrek

Must See 25/07/2018

A big woolly sheep discovered in Australia might rival NZ's iconic 'Shrek the Sheep'.

Farmer Graeme Bowden from New South Wales shared photos of a sheep he's dubbed 'Shrek 2', with fleece six times larger than the average sheep.

When sheared, Shrek had produced 30kgs of wool, 13 inches in length.

"Anyway he's light-footed now, would be nice at the moment with the price of wool to have about 2000 of them, gee I'd be able to buy some hay," the farmer posted online.

ABC Western Plains report that the fleece could be the third heaviest from a single sheep.

The original 'Shrek the Sheep' was discovered in Central Otago and gained international attention in 2004 when he was shorn of his 22kg of fleece.

Shrek lived a happy life until his death in 2011.