Man saves life thanks to the Bee Gees

Must See 25/07/2018

A Michigan man may have saved a person’s life thanks to the Bee Gees.

Capt. Christopher Anderson was on his way back to his company headquarters when he saw a sports utility vehicle plough into a parked car, leaving the driver unresponsive.

Anderson grabbed the driver from behind, pulling him from the wrecked vehicle, before quickly realising that the unresponsive man needed CPR.

Understanding the importance of the timing of CPR compressions, Anderson asked a passer-by to play “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees.

The song is a standard training technique for learning CPR basics, one used by trainers here in New Zealand and Anderson’s Army CLS training.

I knew I had to do CPR, but I also needed a tempo for the compressions," Anderson said

While performing CPR, another man also joined to help, acting as a tag team.

After about five minutes, according to Anderson, firefighters arrived at the scene and used a defibrillator on the unconscious man before taking him in an ambulance to the hospital. First responders told Anderson that the man had a pulse.

All those involved will never listen to the song the same again!


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