Julian Dennison's twin dream career isn't what you would expect

Must See 30/07/2018

Kiwi actor Julian Dennison has a twin brother, and he has big ambitions.

Christian Dennison sat in studio with Julian on Monday morning's episode of The AM Show, and was asked if he also wants to be an actor.

Christian said no, he wants to be a politician.

Sports presenter Mark Richardson initially applauded Christian's ambitions, until he asked which party he'd represent.

"I'm a member of the Labour party," Christian replied, to which Richardson told him "get out".

Host Duncan Garner then quizzed Christian about which of Labour's policies was his favourite.

"I like upping the Working for Families tax credits," he responded.

At the end of the AM Show, host Duncan Garner reported that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern got in touch to invite Christian to the Beehive.

Newshub. Source: Instagram

The Prime Minister extended this offer to Christian via Instagram.

For the video click here: Newshub