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Is working out solely on the weekend enough?

Must See 31/07/2018

Sometimes your week can get so busy, from children, work, and having some degree of a social life! Working out will likely get put on the back burner in a busy week, then made up for on the weekend. We try to answer the question of whether a two day a week workout is enough. 

According to Charlee Atkins, CSCS, a Master SoulCycle instructor and founder of Le Sweat, there are noticeable benefits and downsides of only working out on the weekend. Atkins main point however before looking at the positives and negatives was that even working out two days a week is better than a vast majority of people, so it is a case of better than nothing! 

When it comes to fitness and training, we should all be working toward something, so if your training only falls on the weekend, then you’ll be more focused and have more time to train.

Atkins believes that training solely on the weekend could make you more focused on goals, with a strict time limit and knowing this is the only time you can have a workout. 

The significant aspect of working out on the weekend is the freedom of time you have. You can go to the gym and do a fantastic workout, yet when you leave the gym, you're still exercising as you go for a walk or wandering around a market. The weekend does not limit you to just a workout as a week workout does. 

However, weekend workouts aren't all great, Atkins claims. Since you are bound to working out two days in a row, your body could become more likely to experience muscle damage, as the quick turn around gives your muscles no time for recovery. 

This means performance may decline and, not great, [you'll be] more prone to injury

To minimise your risk of injury when training like this it is crucial to stretch before and after workouts. 

Another tip from Atkins is when working out on the weekend be up before everyone, bright and early!

Beat the sun, beat the crowds, and start your day off on the right foot