How Adele and Celine Dion surprised Alan Carr on his wedding day

Must See 31/07/2018

Recently, Adele was the officiate at Alan Carr’s nuptials. So obviously she was also going to give him a wedding gift to be remembered.

She did just that, by surprising him with Celine Dion.

Carr and now-husband Paul Drayton flew out after the wedding to see the popular singer in Las Vegas, all courtesy of Adele, of course!

A limo with ‘Just Married’ on it turns up outside, and we all get in and go to this private jet, and she flies us to see Celine Dion!

Better than an unwanted toaster that’s for sure!

While on the Jessie Ware Table Manners podcast, Carr explained how he made a show of himself during the meeting with Dion, because of his crazy fan-like behaviour.

“So I’m relaxed. I’ve got my suit in my carrier bag, and as we turn the corner to the gig we go into this room, and a curtain comes down and I just hear Celine Dion go: ‘I believe congratulations are in order!’

‘And I said ‘Oh my god Adele! You never told me we were meeting her!’ and I am top to toe in Celine merchandise… I just said, ‘This isn’t what it looks like! I have got married; I’m not a stalker or some mad fan!”

Carr went on to say it was an “amazing day”. 

A wedding night to beat all wedding nights, we say!