Hollywood's big names retell mother's US immigration nightmare

Must See 13/07/2018

A host of Hollywood A-listers have teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to read a letter written by a mother separated from her child while seeking asylum in the US.

Ryan Reynolds, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Schumer and around 30 other famous faces feature in the emotional video, titled 'My Name Is Mirian'.

In the clip, the celebrities retell Honduras national Mirian's heart-breaking story of having her 18-month-old child ripped away from her at the Texas border earlier this year.

"We fled Honduras after the military tear-gassed our home," the letter reads.

"The US officers then told me that they were taking my son from me... they did not provide any reason."

James Franco, Jamie Lee Curtis and Chadwick Boseman also rallied to protest President Trump's 'Zero-Tolerance' immigration policy.

The celebrities go on to explain in Mirian's own words how she was unable to say goodbye to her son, who cried for days following their separation.

Mirian was finally told she would be able to plead her asylum case in immigration court, but whether or not she has been reunited with her child is as yet unknown. 

The ACLU is suing the US government for the order, which has seen more than 2300 children removed from their parents and detained since it was signed in April this year.