Grease turns 40, Olivia Newton-John explains her favourite way to watch the film

Must See 09/07/2018

Just a month ago Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta celebrated 40 years since they shared the screen for the cult-classic movie Grease.

Olivia Newton-John, 69, and John Travolta, 64, played Australian good girl Sandy and Danny the American bad boy in the 1978 hit.

The movie made history, earning almost $400million worldwide, and although Newton-John is currently living in Australia, she says the two continue to be friends and often text.

While we imagine the pair probably celebrated the anniversary in style, Newton-John confessed that she still enjoys re-watching the film from time to time—especially when it’s with her co-star and longtime pal Travolta.

She tells InStyle:

Believe it or not, my husband John [Easterling] had never seen the film when he met me and even after we got married. So about 9 years ago, we went to have dinner at John Travolta’s house, and when he heard that my husband John had never seen the film, he arranged for us to have dessert on his airplane and watch the movie together. My husband got to watch it with both John and I, so it was the ultimate way to see it! He loved it, of course. And I was just entranced by watching him watch it.

The actress recently auctioned off her famous Sandy costume from the movie- including the leather jacket from her famous You’re The One That I Want number at the end of the film.

Profits from the auction benefitting the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Australia- an organisation she keeps close to her heart.

And would Newton-John appear in a Grease reunion?  She says "Listen, if they decide to do it, they'll decide to do it,” says Newton-John of a possible Grease re-boot. "I think sometimes it's better to leave things as they are.”