Graham Norton explains why he thinks so many Kiwis end up on the Big Red Chair

Must See 09/07/2018

Watching The Graham Norton Show regularly, you are more than likely to spot a Kiwi sneak onto the show’s popular segment to tell their story while sitting on the famous chair.

But Norton’s Kiwi love affair doesn’t stop there.

In 2014 Graham Norton set up with New Zealand vintners Invivo Wines to create his own wine.

"I must have said in an interview somewhere along the line that I love New Zealand wines, particularly sauvignon blancs," he told The Project.

"The guys got in touch, offered to give wines to our green room, to our guests.

"Then they took it one step further and said 'would you like to actually put together your own wines for New Zealand?’”

Since then, the line has branched out into multiple wines that are now sold across New Zealand and in 9 different countries around the world.

And on why he thinks his Big Red Chair gets so many Kiwis?

I think there must be a similarity between New Zealand storytelling and Irish storytelling, because we're both very good at it.

It is extraordinary the number of New Zealanders who've ended up in the Red Chair at the end of the show. You're punching above your weight in terms of population.

Newshub/The Project