George Clooney has been hospitalised after motorbike accident

Must See 11/07/2018

His head hit the windscreen and he fell to the ground.

Horror as George Clooney crashed his bike into a Mercedes in Sardinia.

The actor was riding his motorbike to work when he collided with the Mercedes. George, 57, hit the windscreen of the car and was treated on the road.

Fortunately, Clooney was wearing a helmet. This, in conjuction with not driving very fast prevents any serious damage.

George was taken to a nearby hospital, where the doctors did a TAC. His wife Amal, 40, rushed to his side and he was discharged within two hours. He had no fractures, but he recieved trauma to his pelvis, hip and knee.

A spokesperson has said:

He is recovering at home and will be fine.