Freedom Furniture called out over 'irresponsible' packaging

Must See 16/07/2018

Consumers have no issue calling out companies on their unneeded packaging, with one woman asking Freedom Furniture to front up over the amount of packing she received with her goods.

Hannah Hurst was shocked when her new bookcase from Freedom furniture arrived with each item individually wrapped in plastic, polystyrene and cardboard.

The company responded to her dismay in a comment on Facebook saying it would try harder.

"Thank you for your message. We appreciate our customer feedback and use it to constantly improve our product and services. We agree with you and want to assure you this is an area that we are working on both as an after sales service and at the manufacturing source. Please PM us your contact details so we can look into a local solution for you."

Ms Hurst told Stuff she thought the amount of packaging was over the top, the biggest issue being she would have to be the one to dispose of the packaging.

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