Do our pets miss us when we're not home?

Must See 27/07/2018

Ever feel guilty as you leave the house, leaving your furry friend behind?

Well, according to veterinarian and feline specialist Dr. Liz Bales, when you're away from your cat, they probably aren't missing you as much as you are missing them.

Cats are naturally solitary survivors," she tells Elite Daily "Lonely' is not really an emotion that they exhibit.

If you have a feline addition to the household, and feel bad about leaving them alone all the time, Dr. Bales says the best thing to do is to let your cat be a cat — and again, cats like that solitude most of the time.

This includes helping your cat feel more secure by giving them good hiding places, like a covered bed or box, so they can indulge in their alone time when they want it.

It’s also great to make sure you play with them each day.Some behaviours that might seem to you like loneliness, could actually be signs of anxiety. If your cat is spending a lot more time than usual grooming herself or hiding, there may be something wrong.

Bales recommends keeping a careful watch if these symptoms don't go away.

And when it comes to finding them a playmate?

You’re in luck if your cat is still young. When cats are young they enjoy playing with others, while older cats may be stuck in their own ways and take a little more time warming up to the new family member.

So if possible, try to get two cats at similar ages for cats who instantly get along.