Do you know what's really in your pads and tampons?

life 20/07/2018

At a time when we're all focused on what we're putting in and on our bodies - from organic and free-range to natural and plant-based - have you actually ever thought about what you're putting on or in your body during that time of the month?

Many pads and tampons contain some serious nasties.

"Many brands of tampons, pads and liners contain synthetic materials," says Natracare spokesperson Catherine Morris.

"Pads often contain polypropylene, plastics and chlorine-bleached wood pulp, while tampons are usually made with chlorine-bleached rayon or conventionally grown cotton."

Natracare is a range of menstrual, incontinence and baby care products which are 100 percent natural, plastic-free, chlorine-free, certified organic, sustainably-sourced, vegan-approved and gynaecologist-recommended.

Then there is the plastic question.

"With more women looking to reduce their plastic consumption for the health of the planet and for their own wellbeing, it makes sense to extend this 'no-plastic' ethos to their menstrual products."

The toxin-free approach to dealing with periods comes as awareness of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but potentially fatal condition that's usually associated with tampon use, increases.

The company says it's a philosophy that is gaining further traction around the world, with more consumers demanding toxin-free products.

In South Korea, for example, online orders of its range began spiking last year, when concerns were raised in that country over what was in their local brands of pads and tampons.