Are cocktails replacing wine and beer?

Must See 02/08/2018

Beer and wine may soon be a thing of the past...

A new poll out of the UK has found that a fifth of drinkers are now opting for cocktails over beer and wine.

Researchers who surveyed 2,000 adults found many are staying away from pints of beer and wine and replacing them with exotic spirit-based drinks such as mojitos, margaritas and martinis.

The popularity of these drinks is so high that almost half of the participants in the survey said they have cocktail-making equipment at home, in order to avoid bars and clubs to enjoy their favourite drink.

The survey, commissioned by alcohol companies Gordon’s, Baileys and Tanqueray, found one fifth are self-proclaimed "cocktail aficionados".

One quarter of those studied identified cocktail-making as a skill they would like to master in the future.

“The whole idea makes for such a wonderful shared experience – getting together with friends and family and taking time to enjoy some delicious mixed drinks ahead of dinner.” Says Anna Jones, author of The Modern Cocktail Guide.

A positive to this fact is that with the increase in popularity of cocktails, is the benefit to local bars and establishments as more people perfect the skill.

The research also found many of us are drinking cocktails before and after main meals – 37 per cent enjoy pre-dinner cocktails and 36 per cent like to indulge post-dinner.

Despite the popularity of cocktails, some of those polled have knowledge gaps – with 70 per cent unaware vodka is used to make an espresso martini, while 58 per cent had no idea rum is the key ingredient in a mojito.

So which do you prefer?