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7 year old NZ girl has changed sexist road signs

Must See 03/08/2018

A determined seven-year-old girl has convinced the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to redesign their linemen signs on our roads as, “women can be line-workers too.”

Zoe Carew has put pen to paper over her concerns that NZ's road signs are unfair to women who work on our roads. She noticed the sign when driving with her family, and couldn't understand why it was LINEMEN, as women can be line workers too. Shes not wrong either, so this young feminist wrote a letter to NZTA to suggest a new inclusive sign to be made. 

Carew wrote in her letter about how the sign was unfair, and that line workers can be either women or male, hence why the signs are incorrect. 

Fergus Gammie acknowledged her letter and had recently replied to young Zoe. The chief executive of the NZTA wrote back saying that he agreed and that the road signs will be changed to a more inclusive title of LINE CREW. He thanked Zoe for taking action when she saw an unfair issue, and hence his willingness to fix the problem.

The new signs will replace the old ones when they need replacement due to wear and tear; this may take some time.

All of the accounts have been documented to the public through Twitter, with letters attached and all. The NZTA praised Zoe's message, As it is great to see the younger generation standing up for gender rights. A recent report from US World and News, New Zealand rates ninth in the best country for women gender pay gap. But raising children like these, hopefully, we can make our way up that list.