5 Ways to guarantee a productive day

Must See 12/07/2018

Take frequent breaks

This doesn’t sound quite right, but it’s better to take several breaks from your tasks throughout the day, rather than one long break.

One study showed that the most productive performers worked solidly for 52 minutes and then had a break for 17 minutes. Even if it’s a break for five minutes between tasks, it will still help boost your energy for the rest of the day.

Set daily goals
These don’t have to be huge goals- just a list of things you want or need to get done that day. Prioritize the list, and when a task is complete, cross it off. Seeing tasks crossed off and a completed list releases happy endorphins and will help your brain want to repeat it all again the next day.

Take a proper lunch break
Eating lunch at your desk can seem like the most natural way of squeezing in a meal on a busy day, but it is said you should still have a break away from your work.

Research has shown that merely eating our lunch anywhere but at our desks allows us to be better at coping with workplace stress, as well as giving us greater energy.

A Toronto real estate agency believes in this so much so that they have gone as far as banning desk lunches in their offices.

Don’t multi-task
Just like sitting at your desk for lunch, multi-tasking is easy, but it is said that taking time and focusing on one task at a time is more efficient and results in a better end product overall.

A tip is to group similar tasks and take one grouping on at a time.

Shut off at the end of the day
It’s too easy to finish your day, only to end up starting a new task when you should be relaxing. Whether it is answering work emails, or starting new household tasks, makes sure you set yourself a ‘shut off’ time that forces you to stop working and take time for yourself.