5 co-workers you definitely work with

life 09/07/2018

Every workplace has the same set of characters. You spend a lot of time with the same people in the same environment, so much so that you can probably categorise those people based on their workplace mannerisms.

1. The Early Bird

No, they don’t live in the workplace, but they do have their schedule so tight to the hour that they’re never late. 

2. The Late One   

A complete opposite to the first, this person is typically running late- so much so that you have to tell them a time to meet at least ten minutes before you need them, so they’re actually on time. 

3. The Busy Bee  

This co-worker is always busy. They drop the kids to school, still have a packed schedule and always eat lunch at their desk. They don’t have time to chat about last night’s TV show- sorry!

4. Ever-ready Bunny

They always have energy, even when they didn’t get 8 hours sleep and a trip to the gym that morning. This co-worker is fun but can also be too much when you’re not in the right mood. 

5. The Favourite  

Your favourite co-worker is fun, happy and never lets you down when you need to moan about someone else in the office.