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The art to the perfect nap

life 02/07/2018

Back in the day, you'd try everything not to take a nap or to not go to bed early, but those days are long gone as we look in the mirror and see the circles getting darker under our eyes. Whether its those early mornings or late finishes, a nap could be your saving grace to your sleep deficiency. These tips are to help perfect your napping technique, so you don't throw your routine entirely out the window. 

Napping is a dangerous game, and you can go to sleep and wake up feeling a lot worse. But there are times which suggest the best for naps.

  • 6-minute naps are best to help your memory
  • 10 minute naps are great for your focus levels
  • 20 nap will boost your alertness

Beaty sleep is always going to have benefits, as said in the timing tips. A wee nap is going to benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing. Your memory and brain functionality increase and creates a much more positive outlook on your day. 

Figure out what works for you and stick with it. Some studies had shown that the best time to nap is between 1-4pm, like when you were a baby! This could b the perfect way to get through the midday blues, and wake up rejuvenated for the rest of your day. An odd tip is to drink coffee before you nap, and this seems all kinds of wrong we know! But coffee takes 20-25 minutes to kick in. So when you wake up from your nap, you'll be awoken by a coffee kick!

Make sure you nap with caution, the idea of rest will always appeal to people. But make sure you know it works for you! Rather than making yourself a lot more groggy when you wake up, it could have all the wrong effects!