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Williams moving visit to Princess Alice's tomb

royal 29/06/2018

Prince William made an incredibly moving visit to his great-grandmothers resting place and tomb on the last day of the historical Middle Eastern Tour. William visited the Church of St Mary Magdalene, which is in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is on the Mount of Olives, situated in the Old City in east Jerusalem. Prince William was greeted into the church by Archimandrite Roman, Father Roman, the head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, and Abbess Elizabeth.

Father Roman walked up to the Church with William and stopped plenty of times on the way up to take in the fantastic views. Due to Russian Orthodox tradition, when William got to the entry of the church, he was handed bread and salt. In the church, he lay flowers at the sarcophagus of St Elizabeth. The church was lit with candles and William took a few moments of silence.

William then proceeded down the stairs with Father Roman to visit Princess Alice's crypt where father recited a prayer for the reposal of Princess Alice's soul. William bowed his head and shut his eyes in this moving moment. 

After prayer, Father Roman and Abbess Elizabeth gave William some gifts for him and the Royal family. Some of which was a 19th-century Russian cross, and a glass Easter egg for the Duchess of Cambridge. He was also gifted small crosses and tiny easter eggs for the children, George, Charlotte and Louis.