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Who pays for Meghan's designer outfits


Meghan has continued to amaze with her class and style at royal outings. But where does all the money come from to afford such designer outfits? In her first outing as the fiance of Prince Harry, she wore a $1000 coat designed by British designer Amanda Wakely. Shes worn numerous designer outfits with hefty price tags and previous to their nuptials Meghan has had to pay for these clothes out of her own pocket.

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This however, would not be an issue for her, as during the end of her seventh season of Suits she was gaining around $50,000 per episode. Since Royals cannot accept designer outfits for free, she would be paying for this herself. But now since Meghan has now married into the Royal family, the expenditure for outfits come from the Royal family. Meghan is now included in the budget as is Kate, William and Harry. Therefore her recent Givenchy outfits will be covered by Charles $28 million income. 

One outfit price of Meghan's, which sparked controversy was the  $78,000 Ralph & Russo gown in December, however, since she was not yet married chances are this would have come from her personal income. 

Harry would also be able to pay for something of this price as his estimated worth is $25 million. Both him and William were entitled to $20 Million between them after Diana died. However, this money was kept from them, in a trust until they were 30. 

Kate's assistants Natasha Archer, will borrow a few options of outfits for an outing from different designers. Kate will pick the one outfit she likes the best, and the others will be given back to the designers. The outfit she decides on wearing will be paid for by the Royal family budget if it is for a Royal occasion. 

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Meghan's fashion has evolved in the last few months. She is adapting to royal life with lower hems and abiding by the protocol of royal fashion, including wearing stockings. According to U.K. style guru Hilary Alexander,

She has become more sophisticated and definitely the hemlines are longer