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Ways to burn calories without exercise!

life 27/06/2018

Sometimes time slips away, or you just cannot be bothered to exercise. We have some good news; there are a lot of unusual everyday activities that burn as many calories as exercise does!

Having a hot bath

(140 Calories burned)

According to a study which was released by Loughborough University, when you take a bath it isn't just good for improving stress levels, but it can also assist in weight loss. One group got the worse end of the deal and biked for an hour, and the other half sat in a bath. Cycling did burn more , but a bath still burned 140, which is equivalent to a 30-minute walk.


(350 calories burned)

This one is a bit more hard to believe, but scientists have proven that those annoying foot shaking people are burning calories while they fidget. It can burn ten times more calories than those people who just still. One study has even gone to say that it burns a massive 350 calories!

Drinking green tea

(183 calories burned)

This is exactly what we want to hear as the winter temperatures plummet. The hidden benefits of green tea are significant. Multiple cups a day actually affect your body fat percentage. In a study, scientists found that Thai men who constantly drunk green tea burned 183 calories without exercising. Unfortunately, you need to be a keen green tea drinker to see the benefits for this one, eight cups a day to be exact!


(100 Calories an hour)

Even though this can be the most dreaded part of your day, its something that needs to be done. So when you think that you burn an average of 100 calories just by cleaning it makes it slightly more appealing. This will make you fitter in the long run as well, the more housework you do. So really it's a win-win!