Watch Prince George get shushed by his seven year old cousin

Royal Family 11/06/2018

Four-year-old Prince George has been memorably put in his place by his seven-year-old cousin.

Savannah Phillips - the Queen's oldest great-grandchild - wasn't impressed with George's singing of the national anthem at this year's Trooping the Colour celebration at Buckingham Palace.

In front of the world's cameras, the seven-year-old shushed the future king, eventually resorting to putting her hand over his mouth.

It wasn't the only memorable moment for the 15th-in-line to the throne - she was also spotted pretending to conduct the orchestra and glaring right at the camera.

Savannah is the daughter of Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips, and holds dual UK-Canadian citizenship.

She doesn't have a royal title, but at three years older than George knows she's the real boss.


Images: Getty