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Tips to keep warm during this chilly cold snap

News 28/06/2018

New Zealand has been gripped by an icy blast and temperatures below 0degC.

Auckland suffered through its coldest night since 2015 with a minimum temperature of just 0.2degC and Taranaki broke records with a temperature of -4.5degC.

Unfortunately  a lot of housing in New Zealand just isn't built for temperatures like that, and many people across the country would have shivered through the night.

So here are some tips to keep you warm when the temperature drops dramatically without breaking the bank:

Plug any holes

Warmth will look for any way to escape the house so it's best to try and stop it from getting out.

Use a draught stopper underneath any doors and windows and keep those curtains drawn. If you can stretch that far, investing in thermal curtains would be a very good idea, but the most important thing is to close them when there's no longer any sunlight coming through.

Rug up warm

Throwing on a jumper and using so many blankets you may as well be the laundry pile is a good start, but if you're willing to make the investment you can now buy heated jackets and blankets to keep you all snuggly.

Move the heat around

Fans are obviously most used in summer but they're actually handy in winter too. If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, use that to redistribute the heat.

"What that does is it draws air up and spreads it around the ceiling and back down the wall," Choice Household product category manager, Chris Barnes, told Yahoo7 News.

The effect is you don't get a draught on you and it distributes the heat more effectively.

Get a rug

Those cold wooden floors certainly don't feel great to walk on in the morning and may even be letting out some warmth.

Take a trip to Kmart and get a rug that can be rolled away in summer when we're all suddenly complaining about the heat.