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Thomas Markle breaks his silence on the Royal Wedding

royals 19/06/2018

Thomas Markle has broken his silence after his daughter, Meghan Markle's Royal wedding. Leading up to the wedding Thomas was in the media almost every day with a new issue with either the wedding or his health. He has now had a sit-down interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain to set the record straight.

He shared a heartbreaking and personal rundown of the phone call him and Meghan shared three days previous to her wedding. When he pulled out of walking her down the aisle due to heart surgery, he explained that she was sobbing on the phone. He also said he was distraught that he was not able to walk her down the aisle, yet he was pleased that Prince Charles was able to step into that role for him. He talked about very special and personal memories between the two of them, for example, he called Meghan, "Bean" due to her love for Jack and the Beanstalk when she was younger. He became emotional when talking about her, as he referred to her like a little princess, and she always has been, since the day she was born in his eyes. 

During this world exclusive interview he revealed that he watched the wedding in tears, on a small colour TV in a Californian Bed and Breakfast. Also announced was details of Harry's phone call to Thomas in December asking for her hand in Marriage, as he is still yet to meet his Son in Law. Mr Markle replied,

You are a gentleman, promise me you will never raise your hand against my daughter and of course I will grant you my permission

The interview sparked controversy when Mr Markle started talking politics. Chatting about the idea that he is open to Brexit, and more controversially he claimed that US president Donald Trump should be given a chance. Which is an issue as the Royals are meant to stay neutral on political matters. When finding out he was paid a few thousand pounds for this interview, it shows he was more in it for the money. Kensington Palace is frustrated as they were not informed of this interview prior to it airing, which can continue to illustrate the struggling relationship he shares with his daughter.