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New study claims coffee makes you a team player

Must See 12/06/2018

A new study has found that when you have a coffee before work, it makes you a better team player. A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, confirmed that people who had a coffee before they got to work were more focused and consequently seen as a team player. 

This study took place at the University of Ohio who carried out a couple of experiments on undergraduate students. Within the two tests, they were split into two groups. The first group of people were made up of coffee drinkers. Half the group was told not to drink coffee before the task, and the others were told to have a taste of coffee. When the caffeine kicked in they were asked to discuss and chat about economic and social issues in the world.  Post tasks, they were asked to evaluate each others performance. Those who had coffee rated both themselves and others higher than those that didn't have coffee. 

The second group were also split in two, both were also given coffee, yet half of the group did not realise they were given decaf. Unsurprisingly again, those who had the proper coffee were more focused and performed highly in the group discussion. This study was clearly showing that those who had coffee in the morning perform better in the workplace. 

So if you're thinking of quitting coffee, think again! To be a more productive and focused member of the workplace, coffee is now encouraged!