Nadia Lim and Josh Emett's new My Food Bag with a Madam Woo spin

Must See 12/06/2018

Two of New Zealand's favourite food stars are collaborating to bring the taste of Malaysia to the latest My Food Bag delivery.

Nadia Lim's home-food delivery service and Josh Emmet's Malaysian-inspired restaurant Madam Woo have joined forces this month. New My Food Bag sign-ups will receive a complimentary 'Madam Woo box', complete with recipe and ingredients if they make at least two purchases in June.

The complementary meal is Madam Woo's famous chicken curry with Asian greens - a recipe straight from Emmet's kitchen.

"We know our customers love rich, creamy curries and the fresh Asian flavours Madam Woo are famous for," says Lim.

"Josh Emmet is one of our very own Kiwi food legends, and we're delighted to work with him and Madam Woo for this collaboration. Having eaten his Malaysian Chicken Curry many times before I can tell you it is delicious.

"I can't wait to see what our customers think - I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do."

Emett says he's equally as thrilled.

"I think the ethos of My Food Bags is very much aligned to us at Madam Woo," he said.

"We want simple, unfussy and delicious food, and to get everyone cooking and experimenting too.

"I can't wait for everyone to turn their homes into mini-Madam Woo's for a night."