Meghan Markle's cute nickname for the Queen

Royal Family 13/06/2018

Meghan Markle is the latest addition to the royal family, and family generally have nicknames for each other.

The Queen's granddaughter-in-law will be able to call her "Mama", but only once when she's settled into royal life and the bizarre protocol that comes with it, the Mirror reports.

Her Majesty has quite a few other names she's known by, such as her real ones, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, and Lilibet, a childhood nickname only a few people are permitted to use. Her close family can also greet her by other unofficial names.

Until the Duchess of Sussex gets settled, she must curtsy to the Queen and greet her as "Your Majesty".

Once they get to know each other better, Meghan will call her "Ma'am" - which will be "thrown in the conversation as many times as possible", according to the Mirror.

The next step will be calling the Queen "Mama" and it's reportedly an honour to do so.

Until then, Meghan will need to keep it formal.