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Magnets could save your off tasting wine

Must See 28/06/2018

We've found an excellent new study to improve the taste of some of those off flavours you get in wine! According to a study which has been published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Scientists from across the ditch have found a way to remove those sour tastes in your wine, the surprising way? Tiny magnets!

In every wine bottle, it contains very distinct and unique flavours and aromas. There is also an excessive amount of a particular substance called alkyl-methoxypyrazines which can overwhelm the taste of the wine negatively and make it taste much harsher than it is. As explained by Science Daily

These off-putting aromas and flavors often arise in grapes that are harvested early or are grown in cool climates. Vintners [winemakers] have unsuccessfully tried to remediate this problem by using additives such as activated charcoal and deodorized oak chips.

After years of trying to add different preservatives to get rid of those of tastes, scientists looked for a new way to eliminate this. What they wanted to achieve with the magnets was that the polymers would “isolate and sop up” the substances. And they did just that. So these miracle magnets could save those nasty tastes, that is incredibly disappointing when you go to have your weeknight wine!