Clarke Gayford's 'great plans' for life as stay-at-home dad

NZ 06/06/2018

Jacinda Ardern could be days away from giving birth, and her partner Clarke Gayford says he already knows how he's going to spend his time as a stay-at-home dad.

"He's got great plans for what he's going to do at home when he's apparently stuck there," Ms Ardern told The AM Show.

"Decks and things like that."

She says the baby's room is still "full of boxes" - so that may need some tending to as well.

Show host Duncan Garner, who has kids - and home renovation dreams - of his own, called Gayford "a dreamer".

"Don't tell him, please," Ms Ardern said.

Her official birth date is Saturday June 16. Despite that being within the fortnight, she says she's "still moving".

"I'm still mobile. So we're all good, thankyou.

"I am not the first woman in the world to give birth. There is a bit more attention than there otherwise might be I guess, but otherwise I'm just going through all the other back-and-forth that all other women go through which is just the waiting game.

"There are some upsides to that as well because there's just this lovely warmth from people about it which is really nice."

MS Ardern said the pregnancy has been relatively smooth-sailing, experiencing some morning sickness and cravings for salt and vinegar chips earlier on.