Can you guess who this Hollywood actor is?

Must See 14/06/2018

Some call him an Aussie - even though he was born in Wellington - some call him Maximus from Gladiator, we all know him as Russell Crowe - but perhaps not like this.

The 54-year-old actor has been snapped looking extremely incognito while sightseeing in Italy.

Sporting a bushy grey beard, baseball cap and a 'Zen Master' singlet, Crowe looks to be living his best life, off the clock and unconcerned with his Hollywood image.

Snapping photos on his iPhone and sinking a couple of cold beers, the Oscar winner looked just like any other tourist.

Lest we forget, this is the man who delivered the line "Are you not entertained?!" in Gladiator, and in fact he did attend a showing of the iconic film in Rome last week.

Crowe addressed the crowd at the 18th anniversary screening, admitting he hadn't seen the film since its premiere in 2000.

"For the people of Rome, they have a special connection this film, so watching this screening with them will be an emotional experience for me."

Whether or not Crowe's new look is in preparation for a new role or just an old fashioned case of 'couldn't care less' remains to be seen.