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Café owner creates Pasta Straws to curb plastic problem

Must See 08/06/2018

A café owner in Stockton, UK has invented a brilliant idea to combat the growing plastic straws problem… by coming up with a whole new (and super simple) environmentally friendly option no one has thought of yet! Pasta… straws!

Karen Watson and her colleague came up with the idea after they got sick and tired of hearing about the damage plastic straws are doing to our oceans, beaches and
ocean life.

Karen, who serves ice cream at the café, said: ‘We have decided enough is enough. It is our little bit for the environment.’

They introduced the brand new straws, which are made entirely of pasta (!!) to their shop this week and customers are loving it.

Ms Watson added: ‘They work and they help the environment. It’s amazing.’

The straws are biodegradable, meaning they can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, pose no threat to animals, and do not need to be recycled as they are edible.

Photo: Evening Gazette

ALSO, which is totally important to the beverage consumption experience…
the straws don’t go mushy or affect the taste of any of the drinks they have been served with.

The idea came to them earlier this year when they realised how bad plastic straws were for the environment. They tested heaps of different ideas and finally the all carbs one stuck and worked.

Their café hopes to go completely plastic free in the future.

Here in NZ, Countdown supermarkets have promised they will no longer be selling plastic straws soon.

Source: Metro

Photo: Evening Gazette