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5 Great tidying tips for around the home

Must See 25/06/2018

Sometimes tidying can seem like a massive task, but an expert on the topic is a Japanese woman, Marie Kondo, has some fantastic tips. She has come up with the perfect formula for tidying and keeping a home decluttered. She claims that a clean and decluttered home helps both the emotional and mental wellbeing, having a clear home means a clear mind. She has written two books The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, which have been flying off the shelves. These books contain many handy tips, and we have compiled the five main ideas.

1. Don't tidy by location

This means tidying all of one thing at the same time. Therefore if your books need decluttering, this would mean tidying each bookshelf, no matter which room it is. Opposed to tidying lounge then the dining room. Tidying this way forces you to think about your possessions in a category, and you would be much more likely to throw out items you no longer believe you'd need when it is seen like this.

2. Tidy all at once

It is essential when you start tidying to set aside time to tidy the home entirely. This means taking the time to tidy the whole house at once rather than one week clean one room. Because if one place is still messy, the chaos becomes easier to invade the newly tidied rooms. When you do it all at once, you can sit in a lovely freshly decluttered house.

3. Take time to fold your clothes

Sometimes it just feels simpler to rushingly fold your clothes when there's so much to fold. But taking the time and effort to fold your clothes exceptionally neatly will significantly improve your wardrobe. By folding clothes into such a perfect rectangle, it makes it a lot easier to see everything in your closet. Consequently identifying what you can wear that day becomes a much more straightforward task.

4. Get rid of sentimental objects

It can sometimes be frightening how many sentimental Christmas and Birthday presents you keep. However, sometimes this is doing more harm than good and is just clutter. The gift has already achieved its task of a symbol of a sentimental relationship. Marie Kondo says to hold on to the emotion but get rid of the unwanted gift.

5. Don't be scared of the mess

Be open to the idea that your house is going to become a whole lot messier before it becomes clean. Pull out your entire wardrobe and don't be afraid to create piles of the keep and not keep. This mess can be overwhelming, but in the long run, it will create a de-cluttered room. Make sure you get rid of the not to keep pile before you sort your keep pile. This will significantly declutter your bedroom.