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Easy steps to make you a morning person

life 21/06/2018

With winter settling in it is becoming increasingly harder to be a morning person. To improve those problematic mornings here a few tips to assist your wakeup.

An opening in your blinds

With your blinds partially open, when the sun comes up and streams natural light into your room, it begins to wake you up. The light starts to send signals to your brain indicating it is time to wake up. Such a simple step yet will help the body significantly begin the wakeup process. 

Don't snooze your alarm

This is something everyone is guilty of. However, the idea of setting many alarms and snoozing them actually disrupts your body's natural rhythm. This will only make it harder to eventually wake up, rather than you think you're gaining more sleep.

Change your alarm tone

Instead of waking up to those loud stock standard alarms, try setting it to a song you like. This will make you happy when you wake up and hear your favourite song and set you up in a positive mindset for the day, ready to jump out of bed!

Sleep away from that phone!

Either out it far away from your bed or in a different room entirely. This helps both going to sleep and waking up. When going to sleep you shouldnt subject your body to that light as it decreases the rate you can fall asleep. Equally, it's better to have it far away, so you're forced to get out of bed in the morning and hit that alarm!