Meghan Markle's moving wedding reception poem that left everyone in tears

Royal Wedding 28/05/2018

Meghan Markle wrote and recited an emotional poem at the Royal Wedding reception that left the room "misty-eyed", a guest reportedly told The Sun.

"Meghan totally stole the show," the source said. "She read her poem like the professional actress she is."

The Duchess Of Sussex spoke before 200 wedding guests during the reception at Windsor's Frogmore House, where she reportedly talked about meeting Prince Harry on a blind date and "falling in love at first sight".

The unnamed guest continued: "Meghan said she knew she had met her prince from the off and [said] how blessed and lucky she feels to have found such a profound love."

Meghan's speech was the first of its kind - no other royal bride has formally addressed her reception guests.

The Duchess has frequently chosen to disregard some aspects of royal protocol, including showing bare legs at her engagement announcement and walking part of the way up the aisle at her wedding alone.

The source said of the poem: "It was the most special part of the entire day - and the most unexpected.

"Most of the room was -misty-eyed by the final line. Harry looked so proud and had to wipe away a tear."

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry also made a poignant speech, telling Meghan she had "navigated everything with such grace" - referring to the issues surrounding the Markle family's attendance at the wedding.