Clarke Gayford shares how he met Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Must See 01/05/2018

Clarke Gayford told the crowd at last night's Metro Awards a fairytale love story about how he first met the Prime Minister at the awards.

Mr Gayford hosted the awards for Auckland's best restaurants, where Auckland eatery Sidart took out the top spot.

The AM Show's Aziz Al-sa'afin told the show, you could hear a pin drop in the room as he shared the story.

"He met someone very special in his life, Jacinda Ardern at the awards many years ago, who was Colin Mathura Jefferies plus one. 

So you can thank Colin for the partnership between Clarke and Jacinda."

Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson however had heard a different fairytale. 

The hosts were under the impression Gayford had caught up for a coffee with Jacinda Ardern when a meeting with then-Minister Nikki Kaye had fallen through.

Amanda mused, "Are they rewriting history?"