Shania Twain: 'I get giddy thinking about playing in NZ'

Must See 11/04/2018

Shania Twain has been to New Zealand "many times", but her concerts in December will be the first time she's performed here.

So what took the queen of country so long? It's because she's always associated the country with switching off from work.

"It's a real second home for me," she told The Project.

"The time that I spent there was more to get away from what I do as a professional, and now that it's my ex-husband that owns the property I just feel more open about performing there now."

She's just as excited about her upcoming tour as Kiwi fans are about seeing her.

"It will be great to get back there, I miss it. I get giddy thinking about playing in New Zealand, it's a personal excitement for me."

Twain, who is the the best-selling female musician in country music history, says one thing she's always loved about New Zealand is our low-key attitude toward celebrities.

"Everybody was always so great about that. One time I had a couple of trespassers that were looking for Shania, but they were not Kiwis."

Ahead of the release of her first studio album in 15 years, she advises anyone looking for a career in the music business to work hard.

"There's no easy way to make it, and there's no easy way to stay there either. Just do it, and don't overthink it."