Ronan Keating opens up about the difficulties co-parenting with his ex-wife

Must See 17/04/2018

Ronan Keating has opened up about the difficulties co-parenting with his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly.

41 year old Keating shares three children with the former model and TV presenter, Jack (19), Missy (17) and Ali (12). They divorced in 2011, two years after Ronan's affair with dancer, Francine Cornell.

Keating is now married to Storm Uechtritz (36) and they have one son, Cooper who turns one soon.

Speaking about co-parenting with Yvonne, he told The Irish Sun, “It wouldn’t be easy all the time — but you try for the children always to just remain calm and get through it.

“You’ve got to always remain in an adult state of mind so that you can deal with it. There’s times when I get very angry, very frustrated and you really have to bottle that, you’ve got to protect the children always."

He talked about the importance of making sure the children are the priority.

“Raising those children from separate places, two separate views . . . once that breaks down your opinions change and your version of events changes, so you have to be able to manage that and to make sure the children are the priority.”

Source: The Independent