Jacinda Ardern reveals what New Zealand will be sending new royal baby

NZ 24/04/2018

The new royal baby is already being showered with presents, including from New Zealand.

Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed a baby boy overnight.

A collection of New Zealand childrens' books and a blanket made of New Zealand wool will be sent to the baby, Ms Ardern told The AM Show.

The Prime Minister also added a personal gift.

"I've had a family member of mine whip together a personal gift... a white linen romper with a Buzzy Bee lining on it."

Ms Ardern revealed the mastermind behind the romper is her sister-in-law,

"She's an excellent sewer."

She said a note will be added to indicate the personal nature of the gift.

As to if she herself will receive a present from the royals, the Prime Minister laughed and said she wasn't expecting anything.

The name of the royal baby is yet to be revealed.