How to find out if the concert ticket you've purchased is fake

Must See 08/03/2018

There's been plenty of issues recently with people purchasing fake tickets through scam websites and it's becoming more common!

Last weekend the Commerce Commission recieved 21 complaints of people being sold fake tickets for Bruno Mars from the site 'Viagogo' adding to the total 228 complaints about the site that they're already investigating.

Consumer Manager, Stuart Wallace, said:

"We recommend consumers buy from primary ticket sellers. They can do this by visiting the artist or event's official website and following the links from there"

But what if you've already bought your tickets, is there anyway to find out if they're fake?

Simple answer, no. We spoke to a rep from Ticketmaster to find out if there was anyway they can help find out if your ticket is fake but unfortunately they said the only way you'll be able to find out is on the day of the event, when you get your ticket scanned.

So if you're looking at buying tickets to your favourite artist in the future, be extra careful not to buy your tickets from Viagogo, even though it's usually the first option that will come up on google.

Instead, make sure you're getting them from official sellers i.e Ticketmaster or Ticketek, or, even easier, you can just follow the links on our event pages!


Image: Getty