Ed Sheeran's message to bullied kids

Must See 22/03/2018

Ed Sheeran has thrown his support behind an Australian anti-bullying campaign.

Before his first Brisbane concert on Tuesday, the UK singer met with the organisers of 'Fight the Good Fight Against Bullying', a movement that aims to raise awareness of the pain bullying can cause.

Backstage at a packed-out Suncorp Stadium, Sheeran told Murray Benton and Mathew Castley that he himself was picked on at school for his red hair, glasses and stutter.

He gave young people currently grappling with bullying some inspiring advice, reminding them to keep their heads high and remember they're not alone.

Those feeling harassed or intimidated have to keep in mind that it does get better and never lose hope, he added.

Mr Benton from Gympie, Queensland, started the campaign after his 12-year-old brother was bullied so badly he attempted suicide. His Facebook post about his little brother's suffering struck a chord with the Australian people, and was shared more than 87,000 times.

The movement has grown to a national scale, with the Gympie region striving to become known as the country's anti-bullying capital. Local businesses have rallied around the movement, with many hanging 'Fight the Good Fight' flyers in their windows.

Mr Benton and Mr Castley hope that the endorsement of the hugely famous and successful Sheeran will spread their message to more people around the world.

He said the singer's words of wisdom would go a long way in helping the fight against bullying, local media reports.